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David Egts and Gunnar Hellekson discuss privacy, security, robots, and internet ephemera.

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  • Episode 254: I’m Sorry, But I Cannot Provide an Answer to Your Question as It Goes Against OpenAI’s Use Policy

    January 30th, 2024  |  37 mins 38 secs
    ai, amazon, ambiphone, bali, basal cognition, cartoons, coughing, dancing, david attenborough, david byrne, déjà vu, generative ai, input devices, jamais vu, linkedin, new yorker, number stations, openai, pac man, tongues, twitter, vr, x

    This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about exotic input devices, growing new life forms with built-in memories, AI ruining everything, and having déjà vu about jamais vu.

  • Episode 253: Better Than a Stick in the Eye

    January 29th, 2024  |  38 mins 17 secs
    ai, ai-generated content, alternate histories, american airlines, chatbots, diabolic drive, donkey kong, donkey kong country, elon musk, fake news, jewelry, kanye west, nightshade, oura ring, platinum pro, poisoning, poland, police, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, sega, sega genesis, spotify, theft, thumb drives, usb, waffle house, writing

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about poisoned USB drives, poisoned web searches, poisoned AI models, and a guy pretending to be a mannequin

  • Episode 252: Too Hip-Hop, Not Enough $15M Nikon Lithography Stepper

    January 2nd, 2024  |  40 mins 17 secs
    1984, ai, ai executive order, asic necklaces, ben and marc show, dnd beyond, goodnotes, julia, kindle, kindle scribe, nasa, open hardware, open source, public sector music albums, risc-v, sam altman, surveillance vans, windows, windows 11

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about notetaking, IP taking, and great deals on used surveillance vans!

  • Episode 251: Unmasking the Specter: Mr. Egts' Journey into the Impact of Generative AI on Government Transformation

    December 21st, 2023  |  49 mins 58 secs

    This week Dave joins Dynatrace’s Carolyn Ford on the Tech Transforms Podcast about what's scaring the public sector most and how Salesforce is utilizing - and securing - AI to improve customer experience with their Einstein Trust Layer. Additionally, Carolyn and Dave dive into the spooky worlds of brain cell chips, mind-reading AI, and more!

  • Episode 250: Our Favorite Things

    December 15th, 2023  |  42 mins 1 sec
    1password, bitwarden, blogtrottr, chromebooks, dayone, drafts, feedly, flint, fz-09, gl.inet, grammarly, lauren egts, mt-09, pocket, radbike, radrunner, raspberry pi, raspberry pi 5, remember the milk, scratch, slack, spintronics, the great guinea pig escape, thermapens, thermoworks, todoist, tom bihn, turing tumble, ublock origin, video speed controller, yamaha

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about their favorite things!

  • Episode 249: Lorem Ipsum Dolor & Cheddar Wrap

    October 28th, 2023  |  29 mins 59 secs
    ai, amazon kitchen, arnold schwarzenegger, arpa, arpa-h, awake peanut butter chocolate bites, brain cells, caffeine, computer chips, dreamforce, dungeons & dragons, elaine, foo fighters, hand grenades, heilmeier catechism, lorem ipsum, nap pods, panera, panera bread, panera charged lemonade, recipies, salesforce, seinfeld, soup nazi, sports, supermarkets, the simpsons, trader joe's, trurest, werner herzog, yelp

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about Dave with caffeine, Dungeons and Dragons with AI, computer chips with brain cells, sleeping with discomfort, and the Heilmeier Catechism!

  • Episode 248: Get the Most Out of Your Memories

    October 4th, 2023  |  34 mins 3 secs
    ai, ai bias, ai writing assistance, astrology, bias, blankets, delete, fictional brands, freedomgpt, google, google photos, gpt4all, hugging face, iceland, magic editor, netflix, open source, plaques, poisongpt, recursion, spider-man, spider-verse, stalin, supply chain attacks, toronto

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about open source generative AI and how to poison them.

  • Episode 247: Full Jacob's Ladder

    July 17th, 2023  |  52 mins 18 secs
    ai-generated commercials, airbnb, ansible, ansible lightspeed, baseball, chatgpt, chirper.ai, claude, debatedevil, djs, dune, fortune cookies, generative ai, google authenticator, gpt, gpt jailbreaks, grammarly, grandma exploit, h. r. giger, jailbreak chat, radio, radio gpt, robot puppets, star wars, terminals, the beach boys, the beatles, umpires, vanessa carlton, warp, wes anderson

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about fortune cookie GPT, radio GPT, devil’s advocate GPT, and Google Authenticator

  • Episode 246: AI-Generated Agitprop

    June 26th, 2023  |  40 mins 9 secs
    ad optimization experience, ads, agitprop, ai, amazon codewhisperer, andy jassy, auto-gpt, bing chat, butlerian jihad, chaosgpt, chatgpt, chatpdf, einstein gpt, frequency allocations, generative ai, github co-pilot, gpt-3.5, gpt-4, midjourney, radio spectrum

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about GPT inception, GPT automation, GPT ad experience optimization, and Andy Jassey’s interviewee skills

  • Episode 245: Giant Asthma Inhaler with a Mouth

    June 5th, 2023  |  24 mins 28 secs
    arnold schwarzenegger, cocktails, explosives, historical ai selfies, ios, kissing machines, marriott, mfa, mr. trololo, multi-factor authentication, nissin cup noodle, noodles, renaissance faires, sherwood forest faire, soup, usb drives, voice isolation, will smith, zeigarnik effect

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about questionable USB drives, questionable long-distance kissing machines, questionable cocktails, and answers with the Zeigarnik effect

  • Episode 244: Not That Kind of Edible

    March 28th, 2023  |  28 mins 19 secs
    ai security cameras, backflips, bagpipes, cardboard boxes, day drinking, edible ndas, fake name generator, field sobriety testing, ice ice matrix, lynyrd skynyrd, marine corps, mastodon, ndas, perplexity ai, the matrix, time blocking, todoist, wilford brimley

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about NDA life hacks, day drinking life hacks, AI life hacks, and fake persona life hacks

  • Episode 243: No Bamboozle

    February 12th, 2023  |  38 mins 54 secs
    activitypub, chatgpt, delorean ipsum, exercise machines, friendica, gl.inet, hipster ipsum, lorem ipsum, mastodon, meetings, moa party, movetodon, no bamboozle, openwrt, peertube, pixelfed, rss, spotify, todoist, twitter, white noise

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about Mastodon, white noise, and meetings (not necessarily all three simultaneously)!

  • Episode 242: The Fighting Schrödinger's Cats

    December 15th, 2022  |  34 mins 10 secs
    8.5x11, a4, ai, debate, encryption, ice, iso 128, iso 216, john le carré, mac, modifier keys, nypd, obs, open broadcast studio, outlanders, paper, phishing, qr codes, radios, rectangle, slavoj žižek, tumblr, twitter, university of northern new jersey, unnj, verified stickers, werner herzog

    This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about police, criminals, and ISO 216!

  • Episode 241: Apple-Inspired Feedbag

    November 18th, 2022  |  25 mins 51 secs
    ai, apple, candy, cargo pants, cargo shorts, cargo swim briefs, clip, dall-e2, drums, free drum, halloween candy, image generation, karate, keyboards, kinesis, kinesis advantage360, kmart, kmart music, last supper, leonardo da vinci, mechanical keyboards, meetings, metaverse, microphones, noise cancellation, screaming, tabasco, virtual keyboards, virtual reality, virtual reality kmart

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about Apple-inspired VR devices, keyboards, and Tobasco sauce!

  • Episode 240: It's not just a good idea, it's the law

    November 11th, 2022  |  29 mins 16 secs
    ai, ai-generated artwork, ai-generated brands, ai-generated stock photos, cleveland, department of defense, desk tents, dod, dr. dre, drafts, dyngus day, gaming beds, hellekson's law, larps, last shift office chair, medieval music, motorized gaming beds, mulesoft, north korea, north korean military chorus, office charis, ohio, pocket, poland, rage against the machine, rockin'1000, software policy, toilet seats

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about Hellekson’s Law and LARPs!

  • Episode 239: The Bottom Turtle

    November 4th, 2022  |  29 mins 10 secs
    blockchain, confidential computing, defcon, enarx, hardware security modules, horrible histories, hsm, idris elba, ken thompson, profian, reflections on trusting trust, tee, tpm, trust, trust in computer systems and the cloud, trusted computing, trusted execution environments, trusted platform modules, zero trust

    This week Dave talks with Mike Bursell about his new book, Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud!