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About the show

David Egts and Gunnar Hellekson of Red Hat discuss privacy, security, robots, and internet ephemera.


  • Episode 202: Linux Foundations

    August 6th, 2020  |  29 mins 44 secs
    badge program, cii, cii badge program, core infrastructure initiative, open source, open source security foundation, oss, surveys, the linux foundation

    This week Dave talks w/Dr. David A. Wheeler about his new role at the Linux Foundation, an update on the Core Infrastructure Initiative Badge Program, an introduction to the Open Source Security Foundation, and one of the hottest surveys on the internet!

  • Episode 201: Trust Issues

    July 27th, 2020  |  27 mins 43 secs
    confidential computing, enarx, tee, trusted execution environment

    This week Dave talks with Mike Bursell about how he handles his trust issues with Enarx!

  • Episode 200: Ask for More

    July 20th, 2020  |  32 mins 29 secs
    after man, ask for more, hollywood, japan, netogitation, neural networks, photo albums, rhel, stars, supercomputing, zoology

    This week Dave and Gunnar Ask for More to improve their negotiation skills

  • Episode 199: One Episode Is a Tragedy. 200 Episodes Is a Statistic.

    July 7th, 2020  |  34 mins 34 secs
    cameo, end-to-end encryption, face masks, hellomasks, lamphone, light bulbs, listening devices, model y, nuclear semiotics, red bot chili peppers, semiotics, tesla, the thing, tool shed, viewer mail, zoom

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about communicating through masks, communicating through lightbulbs, communicating through tiny capacitive membranes connected to small quarter-wavelength antennae, and communicating through nuclear semiotics.

  • Episode 198: Iron Skillets and Gummy Bears

    June 30th, 2020  |  24 mins 32 secs
    ads, bgp, border gateway protocol, cast iron skillets, cryptocurrency mining, deepfacedrawing, devo, energy dome, face shields, hiit, isps, microsoft, pants, penguin classics, safe meeting, smithey ironware

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about face shields thanks to your garbage, cryptocurrency mining thanks to your brain waves, and internet insecurity thanks to your ISP

  • Episode 197: Masks Are Like Pants for Your Face

    June 9th, 2020  |  40 mins 57 secs
    99 percent invisible, brooks brothers, end-to-end encryption, hotels, keybase, larceny, masks, robocop, robocop dog, señor wences, social distancing, sole, the great influenza, thermometers, treadmills, zoom

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about masks with mouths, parks with robots, Zoom with security sold separately, and hotels with larcenists

  • Episode 196: Social Distancing with Linux Containers

    May 26th, 2020  |  32 mins 29 secs
    container commandos, containers, linux containers, mls, multi-level security, podman, red hat summit, selinux, systemd

    This week Dave talks with Dan Walsh about solitary confinement and social distancing with containers!

  • Episode 195: Space Marine or Flying Liquor Store?

    May 10th, 2020  |  36 mins 42 secs
    adomni, ai, air travel, aviointeriors, coronavirus, eliza, janus, jukebox, moomin, replika, uber, vocabulary

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about AI-generated music, AI-generated romantic interests, and looking ahead to travel and expanding vocabularies in a post-COVID world.

  • Episode 194: Digital Minimalism

    May 4th, 2020  |  39 mins 20 secs
    blinking eye die, digital minimalism, duck death and the tulip, lead yourself first: inspiring leadership through solitude, pure, walden

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about Digital Minimalism. That’s it.

  • Episode 193: No Rubber Glove High Five for You

    April 27th, 2020  |  28 mins 56 secs
    avitarify, colornames.org, colors, cryptozoology, etsy, gartner, gartner hype cycle, kingdom, masks, mothman, oragami cthulu, parasite, quarantine, rutherford b. hayes, rutherford b. hayes museum, smash mouth, star trek, star trek tng, train to busan

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about colorful masks, colorful videoconferencing, colorful hype curves, and colorful colors

  • Episode 192: The Future Is Here and Everything Needs to Be Destroyed

    April 17th, 2020  |  49 mins 3 secs
    allegheny shredders, amazon dating, apple, colors.lol, covid-19, goodrx, google, if you give a mouse a cookie, imisstheoffice, instacart, nonviolent communication, radiolab, robot cooks, sam's club, singapore, the meritocracy trap, word choice

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about the pros and cons of virus tracking, health data tracking, robot cooks, and word choice

  • Episode 191: On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a potato

    April 6th, 2020  |  24 mins
    404 pages, affetto, ai gregorian chants, color palettes, donotpay, financial times, gpt-2, mcdonalds, robot lawyer, robot pain, snap camera, standardtoilet, the prayer, toilets

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about robot prayers, robot law, robot pain, and people pain

  • Episode 190: Calendar bankruptcy, or when was the last time you got good news in a telegram?

    March 31st, 2020  |  38 mins 32 secs
    airplane window, biometrics, blood pressure, calendar, coronavirus, covid-19, dancing, dancing biometrics, email, gps, stained glass, voight-kampff, zuckerbot

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about location identification, dance identification, and blood pressure identification

  • Episode 189: Marlie Moxinspike

    February 27th, 2020  |  39 mins 52 secs

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about doomsday bunker timeshares, cops, robbers, and moldy bread

  • Episode 188: Lemonade Stand for Plagues

    February 6th, 2020  |  30 mins 50 secs
    airpod carrying straps, beria, bulletproof hoodies, buskill, civilization and capitalization, corona beer, coronavirus, haiku, lacroix, lemonade stand, meetings, openstreetmap, pet masks, pharmasim, plague inc., pocket, pro-time, proactive time, udev, venture capitalists, welsh

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Wearables. Literally.

  • Episode 187: Empathy at Scale

    December 10th, 2019  |  43 mins 46 secs
    ai, cangaroo, cognizant, content moderation, electric scooters, face scanning, facebook, fantastic mr. fox, great courses, h.p. lovecraft, helmet, job interviews, pogo sticks, repo men, the spy

    This week Dave and Gunnar talk about Facebook content moderator jobs, scooter repo man jobs, AI job interviews, and a pogo stick franchise opportunity?