Eric Burger

Special guest

Eric’s full time job is as a professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. However, he cannot keep his nose out of the business, non-profit, and government worlds. He was most recently on detail to the White House working on communications and cybersecurity policy and before that served on detail as the FCC CTO. When he isn’t advising the Federal government or at Georgetown doing research or teaching, he is a Venture Partner and also does board service for companies, helping them with strategy, technology, and positioning. He also helps companies and individuals protect their intellectual property or defend against infringement claims. Prior to Georgetown he had close to two decades experience as a CTO or SVP of Engineering in the network equipment and enterprise software markets. He went to all the right schools, has all the degrees and professional society accolades, and a bunch of Patents and publications you would expect that you can look up on his LinkedIn profile, Georgetown Web site, or personal Web site.

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