Episode 76

#76: Tallest Guys in the Room


January 27th, 2015

1 hr 9 secs

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About this Episode

This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about the history of Red Hat with Brian Mikkelsen, head of DOD sales, elder statesman, and tall guy.


  • JonAS was our first foray into J2EE application servers, but nobody remembers that.
  • Beer and a culture of sharing.
  • Brian’s 5 Pillars: RHEL, RHEV, JBoss, Storage and Cloud
  • The original team: Nathan Jones, Brian Mikkelsen, Chris Runge, Wayne Rhone, Mary Beekman. Anyone remember Jeff Kidwell?
  • The infamous memo-list.
  • A baby Spot was Brian’s first sales engineer, even before he could drink.
  • The transition from rip-and-replace to innovator.
  • “Where the STIG scripts at?” From Justin to OpenSCAP.
  • General Justice and FBCB2, the “Blue Force Tracker“.
  • Want to work for Brian? Hit him up.