Nathaniel McCallum

Special guest

Nathaniel is co-founder and CTO of Profian and is based in Raleigh, NC, USA. Nathaniel has been engineering systems at scale for more than fifteen years, with an emphasis on cryptography and security for the last ten. Before co-founding Profian he was the Virtualization Security Architect for Red Hat where he led Red Hat’s Confidential Computing strategy. Nathaniel has worked at other companies such as IBM and Cypress Semiconductor and has been an early employee in numerous startups, including Zenoss and Canonical.

Nathaniel studied Theology, Philosophy and Music Composition at Indiana Wesleyan University and graduated in 2002. He is an advocate for Open Source and a regular speaker on security topics at leading security and open source conferences such as the RSA Conference, Red Hat Summit, and DevConf. After co-founding the Enarx project, Nathaniel established himself as a leading technical voice in the Confidential Computing ecosystem. Before that he contributed to numerous security projects including MIT Kerberos, FreeIPA, FreeOTP, and Red Hat’s Network Bound Disk Encryption. He is also one of the inventors of the McCallum-Relyea cryptographic key exchange.

Nathaniel loves international travel. He goes out of his way to record local music traditions and experience provincial cuisines. But most weekends you can find him spending time with his wife and five children who love camping, playing board games and watching science fiction.

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