RH Summit 2014: James Kirkland, King of Things

April 26th, 2014 · 52 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

Dave chats with James Kirkland, Red Hat’s undisputed Internet of Things expert, with a cameo from Jan Mark Holzer.

  • Canadians pronounce RHEL wrong.
  • The Chatsworth train collision got Positive Train Control started. They’re using AMQP.
  • Injury, death!
  • Canadians pronounce routers wrong.
  • Why REST isn’t the only answer.
  • How messaging works in electrical grids (this is where Gunnar gets jealous he wasn’t on the line)
  • Most smart meters use MQTT. Yes, we support it.
  • Bosch Connected World 2014
  • Snowden jokes!
  • Robot freight trucks. They’re coming, and they’re uninsurable.
  • Lee Congdon kicked us out of the room.
  • Docker + IoT: using containers to deliver applications to a standardized, embedded platform.
  • and don’t forget better app density in SWAP environments
  • Personal privacy and aggregate privacy as two different things
  • “Enterprization” of the control tier, getting professionalized and formally supported by an IT-like organization
  • Look for ARM64 on there, with containers

  • Ob Raspberry Pi mention

  • Configuration Drift

  • New AMQ Release: AMQP, HA without shared storage

  • Devnation: it was great.

  • How to Learn in Your Sleep

  • James’ advice for the road, and for life: wants you to cultivate your Zen nature. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if you need something.

  • App Choices

  • Dave suggest leaving a Google Hangout with your whole family open, so you can update your family on what’s going on.

  • Everybody’s child is in FRC, which is not an isolationist movement.

  • ENDORSED: Minecraft Mods for kids