Episode 199

One Episode Is a Tragedy. 200 Episodes Is a Statistic.


July 7th, 2020

34 mins 34 secs

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This week Dave and Gunnar talk about communicating through masks, communicating through lightbulbs, communicating through tiny capacitive membranes connected to small quarter-wavelength antennae, and communicating through nuclear semiotics.

I was laughing inside about how your one team in just yourselves influences me and spends time with me and how so many people are now the radio shows and tv shows of the past and “coming into my home”. Except now your presence is letting me live a more well balanced and richer life. I don’t listen on the front porch or by the pool because I’m so dedicated to my work I gotta get it all. I do it cause I like it all. So my life is richer and more manageable ... I’m a better Dad and provider ... and I even get to approach something resembling “competence” that’s frankly a bit out of my league but I aspire to. All while feeling like there are people like yourselves making an effort that allows me to savour it rather than have to gorge on it. That’s a luxury. So thanks. My life’s better for it. I guess that’s really what I wanted to say.

Cutting Room Floor

We Give Thanks

  • Jason Barton for savouring the show!
  • The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!