Episode 200

Ask for More


July 20th, 2020

32 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

This week Dave and Gunnar Ask for More to improve their negotiation skills.

I have [my kids] indoctrinated with a love of Linux already - Emily has her school Chromebook full of Red Hat stickers and Noah (from 7 years old he is 8 now) tries to write Python on his Fedora Laptop. He used to send me photos of the screen at work asking, "Dad why does this program not work?" And I’m debugging via text messages.

I also tell them not to touch Windows laptops in the stores as the may get viruses.

Cutting Room Floor

We Give Thanks

  • The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!
  • Johannes Swanepoel for the open source parenting update!