Episode 251

Unmasking the Specter: Mr. Egts' Journey into the Impact of Generative AI on Government Transformation


December 21st, 2023

49 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

This week Dave joins Dynatrace’s Carolyn Ford on the Tech Transforms Podcast about what's scaring the public sector most and how Salesforce is utilizing - and securing - AI to improve customer experience with their Einstein Trust Layer. Additionally, Carolyn and Dave dive into the spooky worlds of brain cell chips, mind-reading AI, and more!

Key Topics

[02:17] Starting the Dave & Gunnar Show
[04:14] Dave's Role At Salesforce
[05:18] What's Scaring the Public Sector Most?
[10:22] Ways Agencies are Attracting Talent
[13:56] How Agencies Are Handling Legacy Systems
[15:45] What MuleSoft Does & Generative AI's Role
[22:44] Salesforce's Einstein Trust Layer
[29:21] PoisonGPT
[36:07] Brain Organoids & Other Spooky, Ethically Questionable Experiments
[42:15] Tech Talk Questions: Halloween Edition

Quotable Quotes

Considerations for the Public Sector While Using AI: "As you're going on your AI journey, you've got to be looking at the EULA [End User License Agreement] and making sure that, okay, if I give you data, what are you going to do with it?"

On Bias & Disinformation in Generative AI: "There were some previous studies that show that people are more likely to go with the generative AI results if they trust the company and they trust the model. So it's like, 'Oh, it came from Google, so how can that be wrong?' Or 'I'm trusting the brand,' or 'I'm trusting the model.'"

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