Episode 63

#63: Presidential Style


September 23rd, 2014

55 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about more about civet cat scat, the TI-84 racket, my mobile backend, and Red Hat Cloud for Government.

Soren would like to apologize for screaming bloody murder for the duration of this episode.

Richard M. Nixon Boards the White House Helicopter August 9, 1974.

Catching up on the podcast, your missing Indonesian coffee animal is the Civet Cat. There’s a huge deal around “sustainable” and cruelty free gathering of scat…

Your show got me thinking of my long neglected Yahoo! email account, and I wanted to see if there was any signal buried in the years of neglected spam. On a whim, I tried regex figuring most real people would have their name as Firstname\sLastname. By gum! It worked: from:"^[^/s]* [^/s]*$" -in:trash
Worst part: Nope, no signal in the noise. (see pie chart)

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